Amazfit Stratos vs. Fitbit Versa

Tracking workouts has never been easier than it is today thanks to top-tier fitness trackers like the products offered by Fitbit or Amazfit. Today we are going to look at the Fitbit vs the Amazfit. With a bit of searching you can locate some options for the best fitness tracker with heart rate support, and keep an eye on your fitness performance and progress over time and adjust your workouts accordingly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult figuring out who you should buy a fitness tracker from. With so many different companies available today, it can be overwhelming trying to pick and choose the best products being sold. Heck, it’s tough just trying to decide which company you want to purchase from. Fitbit is the forerunner in the fitness tracking industry, and has a well-known product lineup that most people are familiar with. Amazfit is less popular, but still known for offering good quality trackers, and more importantly is known for its great value. We decided to compare Amazfit and Fitbit in a head-to-head comparison to find out which of the two companies offers the best products overall. Keep reading to learn who you should be working with and why. With a bit of research you’ll be choosing the best fitness tracker with heart rate support, and tracking your workouts to help keep you motivated and get in the best shape of your life.

How They’re Different

Fitbit and Amazfit have a lot going for them, but each company has some very real differences. Before you choose who to do business with, you need to understand their differences fully.

Very Different Price Points

Fitbit Charge 2
The Fitbit Charge has all the features of the top smartwatches

While it’s true that Fitbit and Amazfit both have products at affordable price points, the low-cost solutions sold by Amazfit, such as the Amazfit Bip, are just more capable than the low-cost solutions sold by Fitbit. That’s why, when you’re searching for a low-cost smartwatch, Amazfit easily takes first place with such a low-cost solution like Amazfit Bip as an option. Something like the Fitbit Versa is more than twice as expensive and offers similar features overall.

Screen Quality

The high-quality Fitbit devices offer a much higher screen resolution than what you get with products from Amazfit. That means, if you love crisp and clear displays, you are going to naturally prefer products by Fitbit. With that said, the lower contrast display on products like the Amazfit Bip is why it can deliver outstanding battery life that most other smartwatches simply can’t compete with.

Battery Life

Amazfit has amazing battery life

Fitbit is way ahead of the game in terms of smartwatch and fitness tracker battery life, and many of its products will last for four days or longer before needing to be charged once again. Amazfit is on a whole other level of efficiency though, and its products routinely last for 20 days or more, with some making it as long as 45 days before requiring a charge. That’s insane battery management. If you want something that will keep going for a few days at a time, either company has products that you could happily use. If you want a product that’s going to last for weeks at a time without a charge, you should be looking through the Amazfit lineup to see what’s being offered.

What Both Brands Have in Common

It’s true that there are some serious differences between Amazfit and Fitbit, but there are some serious similarities as well. We’re going to gloss over how both of these companies are similar to one another down below, so you can see what you’ll get when purchasing from either one of them.

Simple and Advanced Offerings

Both Fitbit and Amazfit offer a range of offerings from complex devices like the Fitbit Ionic or the Amazfit Stratos to serious contenders for the title of best fitness tracker for kids, like the Fitbit Ace or the Amazfit COR. With so many different types of fitness trackers and smartwatches to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right fit for your needs specifically.

Water Resistance

Activity trackers are becoming more sought after for everyday workout routines, and many trackers are being removed before climbing into a swimming pool out of necessity. With a Fitbit or Amazfit product on your wrist you should be able to avoid that problem at all. Each company offers a set of products that are waterproof enough for lap swimming. Choose your smartwatch carefully enough and you’ll be tracking your heart rate and calorie burn while taking turn after turn in your local lap pool.

Top Tier Fitness Tracking First

First and foremost both of these companies specializes in fitness tracking. That means every one of the devices developed by either Fitbit or Amazfit are made to track things like calories, steps taken, sleep quality and heart rate before anything else. If you’re interested in tracking your fitness levels, and aren’t as interested in all the extras like making phone calls, getting text notifications on your smartwatch, or using external apps, you should be happy with products from either Fitbit or Amazfit. If you want all of those additional functions, you’ll have to look at the higher cost products from either Fitbit or Amazfit. It is worth noting that you can enjoy quick push-notification access with the Amafit Bip, a slightly more affordable solution than the Charge 2, another device that displays push notifications.

Music Storage

At the top end, products like the Fitbit Ionic offer built-in music storage so that you can listen to songs using Bluetooth headphones on the go without relying on your smartphone to do so. This is a feature that’s shared by the higher priced options at Amazfit as well. You can easily store around 300 songs on your smartwatch with the built-in memory and enjoy music while on the go, even if you don’t have a smartphone with you.

If you’re searching for the best fitness tracker with heart rate capabilities, you have excellent options to choose from at both Amazfit and Fitbit. Both companies specialize in different things, but you can save some cash by going with Amazfit while still getting excellent features like top tier battery life performance, or you can opt for the better screen quality and a better network of users by going with Fitbit in exchange for some battery life. Either way, you’ll get a top-quality fitness tracker that should hold up through most workouts just fine.

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